Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nice work !

Good Day all;

Kudos to everyone who contributed to developing the idea for a GAS blog, and thanks to those whose hard work set this up.

- Tony

"I am happy to report that I received an email from Beans today, though it did give me GAS."


Beans said...

Ha...good one...

Still sharp as a whistle eh Tony?

I hope to see ya soon and we can do that whole past thing. :P

Would you like me to use your tonyg2k e-mail as I was issued your Puppy Doodle one.

Just let me know so we can get a movin'!

tonyg said...


Andrew -- very good to hear from you, and glad to see you are where you are! I keep threatening to visit Miramichi, but my Chatham visa has expired, so i am waiting for the new one to come in the mail.

Sharp as a whistle.... Hmmmm. Is that like wet as a tack?

Not sure which email you should use -- depends on your purpose -- I use the gmail one for blogging because it is seamless (google is tight with blogger). My real email for contact info should remain though mail sent to either address reaches the same inbox :-)