Monday, July 30, 2007


“Quality of work and quality of life for those we work for and those we work with”

Hey hey Kats and Kittens!

Let's get this ball a rollin' yo! First, lets start off with a little bit of an introduction from everyone! First off, I'd like to introduce Fatkat...

Fowler, with a dream to have his own studio, started Fatkat Animation Studio with its head offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After a successful stint creating over 40 animated training films for companies like Nike and Hasbro, Fatkat's largest client pulled the plug on project development and the summer of 2003 saw Fatkat disband.

This was an opportunity in disguise for Fowler as he then seized the moment to re situate the company to his hometown of Miramichi. With tremendous support and a few good employees, Gene incorporated Fatkat's new headquarters in Miramichi City in the fall of 2003.

Fatkat's first assignment in New Brunswick was to produce an animated series for television. The show 'And Yet I Blame Hollywood' for CBC Television was very well received and stemming from that experience more TV production jobs poured in. We’ve worked on shows like Caillou, Carl Squared, Family Guy, Odd Job Jack and with commercial clients such as Pepsi, Yahoo, Unilever, Microsoft, Gee Guides, Heritage Gas, Century 21 and Toyota.

Fatkat is currently in production of TV shows; “SuperNormal” with World Leaders; “Chaotic” with Bardel and “4Kids!” for Teletoon and YTV; “Skunk-Fu” with Cartoon Saloon out of Ireland. Our Commercial department is also busy on stuff that’s top secret though, we can’t tell you or we’d have to strip you down and cover you with molasses.

Over the last 18 months the company has quickly doubled in size as more and more of these great gigs come in. Fatkat is fast approaching the 100 employee mark and with Gene's desire to have a company grow and blossom in his hometown, Fatkat has been aggressively marketing itself on a global scale to keep up with supply and demand.

The financial support received from the Miramichi Regional Economic Development Fund, and local government agencies, including the Province of New Brunswick has allowed Fatkat to set its sights on being the largest animation studio in Atlantic Canada and the fastest growing animation company in the country.

You haven’t seen nothing yet!