Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fellow GAS members

I do hope that our unity as a group puts out a strong message to the provience about trying to help us be and build a stronger face to the rest of the country. I want to continue to build my studio and have all the technical and financial abilities to do that. But want more resources for HR and also need less taxes to help successfully build out a strong P&L for the future.


Beans said...

Hi George,

If you would like me to set you up as a driver for this blog, could you please e-mail me with an e-mail that you would like to use. As I will send you an invite.

My e-mail is:

Take care and have a GRRREAT day! :)

Captain Flintlock said...

We would like to setup a GAS showcase in May 2008. I came up with the title of GASMANIA because of the location in the miramichi. It is a gaming animation title that is a bit different. This will replace the Animedia Festival in Truro. This will not only showcaase student work but GAS members. GAS M-iramichi ANI-mAtion festival. We want to help build all the studios as a united force. Today we has annoucements to help the Miramichi grow.