Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does Your Talent Performance =Your Brand Promise?

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Promise Companies are looking for talent at the same time people are being intentional about identifying their own talents.

It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to match the two. But there's a subliminal factor that influences all of this and on which corporate and individual success rely: It's. . .

The Promise

I was on the phone this weekend with branding guru Mike Wagner of Own Your Brand. Mike specializes inMwagner_web_sm working with organizations who want to do just that--but with an added element. He's intense when it comes to emphasizing the importance of living the brand in every nook and cranny of a business: keeping the "Brand Promise."

We were talking about the fact that that HR groups are high-profile representatives of "the brand." They're often the first point of contact for recruits. If there is a war for talent, "living out the promise of the brand" can determine victory or defeat.

Doesn't the same hold true for "the talent?" It's one thing to be talented, passionate, and purposeful; it's another to consistently live out the promise of your personal brand.

Alltop: Living the Promise

No sooner had Mike and I finished our conversation than I had a chance to experience a promise lived.

I mentioned our new placement on Alltop in the last post. Here's why it was notable:

1. There's a certain etiquette--and mutual relationship--in most web publisher/aggregator link-ups. Alltop was short and sweet about what to do and how to do it.

2. I did what they asked in the way that they suggested.

3. I think All Things Workplace showed up on the site in a matter of minutes, not even hours or days.

4. The kicker: An email exchange initiated by Alltop principal Guy Kawasaki. I'm not tossing Guy around for name-dropping purposes. I'm mentioning it because he totally "lived the promise" of the Alltop brand, and then some. Honestly, I sort of figured that this was a start-up that Guy was involved with and excited about, but just one of many businesses with which he's involved. That he took time to connect tells me he is involved and excited. And, that I probably made a good move with Alltop.

Two thoughts for today:

  • Is your company scoring top-notch talent because everyone lives out the promise of its brand?
Is your personal brand intact because you are delivering on the promise of your talent?

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Harold Jarche said...

The difficult thing for many organisations will be in connecting HR with marketing. These are two departments that often live on separate planets.